Feel good, looks great, be successful !

Who is MoE?

MoE is a team of passionate and experienced Health and Wellness experts who believe in feeling good as a way of life.

We strive to make a positive difference in people’s life by helping them to embrace their well-being.

We provide tailor-made Health and Wellness onsite solutions, all conducted by seasoned therapists, to ensure the best services to you and/or your precious ones.

Why does my company need to promote Health and Wellness?

Every company’s most important asset is its people and taking care of your people is key to drive your company to success. But how?

At MoE, we believe that a Happy and Healthy Body makes a Happy Mind and by helping your people to achieve that, they will automatically also unleash their true personal potentials and therefore thrive and exceed their everyday goals.

We offer a wide range of effective and enjoyable Health and Wellness solutions to achieve Happier Body, Happier Mind directly in the workplace, so that both your staff and your business can benefit from a Healthier and Happier morale.

MoE’s Value and Mission

We care passionately about making people feel good from the inside out.

We make it our mission to enhance people’s everyday life by nourishing their body AND mind.


“Feel good, look great, be successful !”

Celine Lim (founder of MoE)